Wednesday, January 2, 2008

NYC: The City That Never Sleeps!

We took our first big trip as a family of 3 just before Christmas. Well...NYC is great and is the city that never sleeps and we fit right in! We did not get much sleep, that is for sure, and needed a vacation from our vacation. Taking an 8 month old to NYC at Christmas time is less a vacation and more a lesson in patience, flexibility and ingenuity. It was COLD and WINDY but we survived and Josiah was a trooper through it all and did pretty good except one really long cry-fest on the flight from NYC to Houston. =) oh are some pics from the trip. We made some memories for sure!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Merry Christmas Straight To You!!

Merry Christmas from the Cash Family!
Jody & I always enjoy the christmas cards we receive in the mail each year...and we always have wanted to send cards out--last year we talked about it...this year we actually set up our tripod and took pictures for a card but did not get them printed in time--SO maybe next year we will actually complete the process and send them out. =) Here are some of the pictures we took and would have been sending out as our 2007 Christmas card. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas To All...& To All A Good Night!!

Having a night out (just the two of us) at Jody's company christmas party

Merry Christmas 2007!! The Cash Family has been enjoying the month of December-- we have been trying our best to "catch" the Christmas spirit despite the obnoxiously warm temperatures in Texas. I think it is safe to say we will NOT be having a white Christmas-- oh well. Here is how we have been celebrating the Holiday season so far:

Snuggling up at the Christmas parade in Downtown Waco Jody & Josiah enjoy the Christmas tree lighting in Downtown Waco

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree...

Josiah playing under the Christmas tree with his Little People Manger Set...we are always having to tell him to be more respectful because he likes to chew on Baby Jesus' head and bang him on the ground--I guess that is similar to how He is treated by most of us...Thank you Lord for grace and always forgiving and loving us despite how we treat you. I am so undeserving of Him...He always takes me back no matter what--Now that is a REAL Christmas gift. This morning Josiah woke up with his 1st two bottom teeth poking out!! Very cute! That's all he wanted for Christmas anyways... =)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

"Trunk or Treat" Halloween

Jody, Josiah & I dressed up ourselves & our trunk to help provide a fun place for neighborhood kiddos to "trunk or treat"

Celebrating 'Trunk or Treat' @ ACC...our little chili pepper couldn't handle all the action!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Swimmin' at the Rooftop Pool

We had a good time swimming at the pool while staying in Dallas

You can see the reflection of our hotel in Josiah's cool glasses

Fun times with mommy

Hangin' Out in Big D

Jody had a conference in Dallas--Josiah & I tagged along and had a mini-vacation. It was fun hanging out in downtown Dallas again
Riding the Trolley through Uptown after dinner

Josiah loved playing on the big fluffy hotel bed

Our room had a great downtowm view